Le Cirque’s Pastry Chef Laszlo Bollok

At a reception for college donors, at the Marine Academic Center (MAC), on April 10, Dr. Regina Peruggi, president of Kingsborough Community College (KCC), thanked  them for their generous  support of students and programs.

KCC students, Doreece Dyer and Evan Gonzalez, who have benefitted from donor generosity through scholarships, joined Dr. Peruggi in expressing gratitude to donors.

Le Cirque Restaurant, a KCC donor, treated the reception guests to a spectacular crème brûlée  demonstration by its  pastry chef, Laszlo Bollok.

Chef Bollok provided a sample of the signature dessert offered by the famous restaurant.

Chef Bollok grew up in in Budapest, Hungary, and was inspired to cook by his grandmother who was a chef at a local culinary school. He pursued his love of culinary arts by studying at the renowned Karoly Gundel Culinary School in Budapest, where he specialized in pasty creation.

Chef Bollok moved to New York in 1998.  He joined Le Cirque in February, 2012.

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